McTimoney Animal Manipulation

McTimoney was developed by the late John McTimoney who adapted human chiropractic techniques for use on animals. The treatment is designed to locate and realign misalignements throughout the spine and pelvis. It concerntrates mainly on the skeletal system, but due to the holistic nature also has a profound impact on the muscular and nervous systems. Due to the high speed low force adjustments the treatment is generally well accepted by animals, even those who can be a little nervous.

Veterinary consent for any animal treatment is mandatory (1966 Veterinary act), this will be asked for upon booking an appointment. Treatments can be tailored if required, due to any health issues presented. Camille is able to work closely with the Vet to provide the best care for the animal.

A full history of the animal will be taken prior to the treatment, Camille will then look at conformation, musculature and gait, followed by palpating for misalignments. Treatment will then be given, followed by an explanation of what has been found and treated. Camille will then offer advice and or exercises that may be of use both to gain maximum effectiveness from the treatment and to prolong the effects.

Reasons for treatment may include:

  • A change in performance
  • A change in behaviour or normal habits
  • A reluctance to perform or do complete normal activities
  • Stiffness/soreness
  • Signs of discomfort
  • General maintenance

Merisha Massage

Merisha massage combines stretches, massage and myofacial release to effectively treat all sorts of equine and canine ailments, such as:

  • Stiffness
  • Soreness
  • Reluctance to perform
  • A change in normal habits or performance
  • Lethargy
  • Signs of discomfort - for example a horse biting whilst tightening the girth or uncharacteristic bucking or a dog twitching its skin or moving away from you hand as you stroke down its back.
Why choose massage for your dog or horse? 

Just as it does for people, massage can help with a wide variety of things from muscular tension to general relaxation, it can benefit most animals from high level performance to family pets. The following are some of the ways in which massage can benefit:
  • Release muscular tension
  • Improve circulation
  • Release natural endorphins in the muscles which is a natural pain killer and also aids relaxation
  • All of the above should help to increase range of movement around the joints
Home visits are offered for large animals or for those who can't travel/don't travel well.

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